Good day. I am Sunil Vemula. I passed MCQ. Very thankfull for your class, discussion, mock exam and your guidence. I quit my full time job and studied for 3 months completely, that time I was vey sad that I quit my job. But now i am very happy that I passed my exam.

Sunil Vemula: 07-07-2014

Dear Sir, I have passed my MCQ. Thank you for your consistent support, guidance and inspiration .Once again thank you for all you have done.warm regards. suneeta

Suneeta, 08-07-2014

Thank you so much sir, I pass my MCQ exams. Spandana


This is Jaimin patel. I was enrolled with you for mcq and osce preparations at Mississauga location. I am glad to say that I have cleared my both exams in FIRST ATTEMPT and it was great help from your team specially OSCE from vinit. Thank you so much for everything. Jaimin

Jaimin patel, 09-07-2014

So happy to let you know I passed my MCQ test - have now passed all PEBC tests and am registered in PEBC. Next step is training. Your review course was instrumental in helping me pass - I am so happy that I decided to take it. Thank you and all the best. Laura Arus-Pampin.

Laura Arus-Pampin. 09-07-2014

Good morning. I cleared my OSCE and I wanted to give a big thanks to you. I had lost all hope of coming back to the pharmacy field years ago and had no clue when I first signed up for your classes…. And here I am, 2 years down the road, with Evaluating, MCQ and OSCE cleared and done with, along with a full time job and being a full time mom and I feel a lot more peaceful and relieved today and without doubt, I sincerely owe this all to you and your persistent encouragement and kind words and of course your tonnes of patience which I wish I have one day. In my case, your classes and mock exams were almost everything that I did before each exam and today I can say for sure that “attending the class” and “just highlighting” indeed makes students pass!! So a very big thanks for you and Vinit again. With warm regards. Monica.

Monica 15-07-2014

Hello Dr.Misbah, This is Anna from weekly MCQ- class. I'm happy to inform you that I successfully passed MCQ- Part I exam. Thanks a lot for your help, materials and advise! BTW. Could you send me the dates when you resume OSCE class? m interested in Sunday class (it starts on January 29, right?). I am looking forward to hear from your.

Anna Varshavsky, 25-01-2007

hi there, I just to thank you and to tell you that I passed the board exam

Rana Boules, 15-12-2006

Hello Mishba Sir, Myself is Sulochna, one of your EE class student for July-06 I'm very very thankful to u sir & i'm so glad to inform u that i have cleared Evaluating Exam July-06. Your guidence & review classes made an exam lot lot easier for me. I'm sorry bcz of little bit late to inform u about result but main reason is i have just moved to Alberta 2 wks back so i was little busy with that. now i'm planning to write MCQ-1 in Nov.06 Again i'm very thankful to u Bye

Sulochna ajaniya, 18-08-2006
Top ⇑

Dear Mr.Misbah Biabani, I'm please to inform you that i've passed the evaluating examination, thanks to your guidance. I'd a great time learning in your institute and getting right kind of the encouragement and motivation. Regards, Mississuaga (evaluating exam. batch)

Jigisha Desai, 11-08-2006

Dear Doctor, I've been meaning to write you for quite some time ,but unfortunately some sad events in my personal life delayed this letter to you. Thank you ! I have passed the Evaluating exam .Your classes gave me direction I needed to prepare for this exam .Thank you for all your help and encouragement. Please let me know when you start the prep classes for OSCE exams so I can join them.

Daniela Nenu, 17-08-2006

Hello Misbah , I am Jayanthi , i thank you so much for guiding us to pass the exams . God blessed me to pass the evaluation exams and i am awaiting for my US exam results . I think without your guidance , study material its difficult to pass the exams . The lecture classes and your tips were very helpful to choose the correct answers in the exam. Once again thank you for you support . Bye .

Pragathi Pandya, 17-08-2006

Dear Dr. Misbah, First of all I'd like to say I've passed the EE exam.:-> I'm so happy because this time the exam has been changed a lot and I couldn't do some but anyway I did it. And I would like to say thank to you. I really appreciate your help what you have done. If I had not studied with you, I would not pass the EE exam.Thank you very much Dr.Misbah. P.S. I've known Uerich,Manju,Jigisha, Jayanthi, Catherine have passed too

Poppy, 11-08-2006

Hi mishbah, this is chetan. and i passed my evaluating exam this time. and thank you very much for your help. see you soon.

Chetan Patel, 11-08-2006

Dear Dr misbah, I passed my evaluation exam, Thank u very much ! please let me know ,when will our Qualifying classes be started ?

Mayurkumar k.k patel, 18-08-2006
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Hi, Misbah Finally it’s all over. I look back and I say: I did all this???? NO. But there is one thing I can say for sure: I could have never done it by myself. I got priceless help and simply priceless TIPS from people around me and specially you. As a big thank you to that, I want to help and encourage as much as I can the others that are on the same position that I have been. Feel free to call me anytime and I will be happy to join the classes. Regards,

Brunilda Lengu, 04-07-2006

Hi Mr. Misbah, This is Rana Boules I want you to know that I passed the OSCE, and I want to know when you are going to start the MSQ classes .

Thank you very much Dr. Misbah.

Rana Boules, 01-07-2006

Hi Misbah, i am happy to tell u this. I passed my OSCE exam, thank you very much. The way you trained us helped me a lot. I wouldn't have practiced myself alone like that. Please convey my THANK YOU note to SHAHARAN too. Once again thank you to both of you for helping us to pass this exam. I will be in touch.

Sailaja Byrisetty, 12-07-2006

Dear Misbah! I'm glad to inform you that I passed the MCQ ...all thanks to you and classmates who helped me! Thanks again

Alla Garina, 03-07-2006

Misbah, hi and i have to share some really good news with you - - i have cleared both MCQ and OSCE this may 2006. i must admit although the OSCE was extremely easy, because of a few silly errors i made, i was apprehensive about my passing, your coaching sessions definitely helped me and my friends and thank you very much for everything and i will definitely come and meet you with a box of sweets and thank you in person not only for guiding me in exam preparations but also for meeting a lot of good people in your classes. i am currently away on a vacation in hongkong and i will only be back in august. Regards

Hema Gandevia, 05-07-2006

Hy You were right, I pass OSCE .Thank you for your help without your course I will never do it. If i can help you somehow to prepare future pharmacist let me know. Once again thank you and good luck in your wonderful job. Iwona form MIssissauga campus

IWONA OLEKSIAK, 14-06-2006

Hi This is hiren patel i passed my EE exam and this all happen just because of you sir.. thanks a lot for ur help and i want to join both the Qualifying Classes for MCQ as well ad OSCE ... thanks a lot once again... Hiren

Hiren patel, Jan 2007
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Hello Dr. Misbah: Just wanted to let you know that I passed the evaluating exam!! Thank you so much for all your guidance, coaching and motivation. Please let me know the schedule for classes for FPGEE, Qualifying & OSCE at both your centers. Thank you so much, it wouldn't have been possible without your coaching! Kind Regards,

I have passed Evaluating Exam on my second trial. Thanks for all your help, with all of my heart. For my first trial, I never joined your classes and prepared on my own and the result was heart breaking Failure. On receiving feedback report from PEBC, I found, I failed with PEBC ranking F3. Which is bottom 25% group of all those who failed. For my second attempt, I joined your Tutorial classes and I passed Evaluating Exam very comfortably and confidently. For my success, I am greatly thankful mainly to you. Your coaching was undoubtedly excellent; very precise and syllabus oriented books; to the point Examination practice question and answer; 8 practice Tests. And all of above your positive encouragement through out the term of classes has brought us a ultimate success. Thanking you again, Yours Sincerely, Manish Amin

Manish Amin

Thanks Dr. Biabani I got result today and passes evaluation exam.. thanks for u r home study material... it was a great help. Please forward me detail for qualifying exam study material or classes at Vancouver BC Thanks Sandeep Singh

Sandeep Singh,

Thanks so much Dr. Misbah and your team for all your priceless support. I was successful in the exams (E.E). Join in our joy. See you on Saturday. Best regards. Henry


I am writing to express my thoughts based on my participation in TIPS classes. And I wanted a reader to know that this is not a usual testimony, nor a sort of 'commercialization' of the programs I completed. My only need is to write down my open-minded opinion because I want to do so. The profound evidence of what I mentioned is that true and honest reference.

Three facets of the program, as to me, make it dynamic, competitive, and comprehensive.

The program has fostered me to significantly narrow the gap between what I have known and what I should know. It contributes to utilize various sources and differentiate them, which means to gain knowledge in limited time period for exam preparation.

Encompassing the tutors that differ by their teaching and instructing approaches spikes the efficacy of the program. They may provide a good blend of preparation that comes from their professional and personal experience. I am very positive with this diversity and very thankful to them, namely to Dr. Luay Petros.

The program represents pharmacy graduates from different countries creating huge multicultural environment. The geographic scope includes such countries as Japan, India, Philippines, China, Russia, some Middle East, Eastern Europe, and African states, even Canada, and I came from Yerevan, Armenia. Peer to peer discussions, communication with students-pharmacy professionals with different background and cultural attitudes have enriched my cultural competency, which is in great importance here in Canada.

Indeed, I would like to emphasize how beneficial to participate in TIPS. THANK YOU.

Warmest Regards.

Vagharshak Vardanyan May 2007
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Manish Amin 23-12-2011 Dear Sir Misbah Biabani, I have passed Qualifying Exam Part I (MCQ) on my first trial in Nov 2010. Thanks for all your help. I had joined your classes in Feb-May 2010 batch, it helped me a lot in preparation of this exam and not only that you have also motivated us tremendously to achieve this milestone. And I sincerely appreciate all your kind help. Thanking you in anticipation, Manish Amin


Manish Amin, 23-12-2011

Hi Sir , This is Almas here............sir i have passed my OSCE ,Thanks to GOD and to you sir for all you support , encouragement, kind words ......................I mean everything that i can't express in my words . MAY GOD BLESS YOU and give you health, wealth and everything Hope to see you soon take care Bye


Almas, 30-12-2010

Hi Misbah, Just to inform you that i cleared and passed the MCQ that I had given in Nov 2010. this MCQ success could not have come that easy without your classes plus your live lectures and tremendous motivation at all times made dream come true. Misbah, you are just genius and there is no doubt about it. I shall remember this success in passing MCQ with your help for ever. I am also looking forward to see you soon. I will stop by at your office one day. Take care and thanks for your kind cooperation

Kind Regards,

VIKRAM PATEL, 03-01-2011

I am delighted to see more of our fellow students are doing well under your able guidance. Being one of your students, I valued your efforts and thank you for your patience and guidance that saw me clear FPGEE last year. I am now working with Wallgreens Pharmacy at Eastern Michigan...The pay, the respect are rewarding, so are the people here. I am a short distance away towards my Pharmacist Licensure in Michigan. I would try to meet you next weekend when I come down to Toronto. Thanks once again, Regards

Nov 2006, Michigan, USA.

Satyajit, Mississuaga (evaluating exam. batch)

I'm so happy that I have passed in the evaluating! I just want to thank you for offering the course and helping me so much.

Currently Cibele is a Registered Pharmacist, practicing as a pharmacist. in Canada

Cibele Walsh,

I am so glad to tell you that I passed in the exam!!! Thank you for all your support!

Currently Priscilla is a Registered Pharmacist, practicing as a pharmacist in Ontario, Canada


The course has been particularly useful to me. The course gave good guidance on how to prepare for the exam and the lectures were very useful towards this goal



I passed my EE please send me information about your study material for MCQ part of QE.


Sanghera, BC, Canada Feb 2007

Just a short note of thanks for the hard work and effort that went into lecturing us over the past few months. I found it most beneficial and I can now settle down to study all the information for PEBC® EE exam.. Kind regards

Shahid, Nov 2006, Michigan, USA.